Learn from Lorax Of Sex

Lorax Of Sex is a Seattle-based educator available as a presenter on a variety of sexuality topics including:

  • Safer-Sex
  • Sextoy Safety
  • Sextoy 101
  • Butt Sex
  • Ageplay dynamics
  • Sexuality techniques
  • Non-monogamy for monogamists
  • Kink/BDSM considerations for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing
  • and more!

They are also available for safer-sex outreach trainings geared towards risk-reduction volunteers.

Contact Lorax Of Sex for availability and more information.

A Selection of Available Workshops:

Shit Happens: A Frank Discussion on Butt Fun

A frank, honest, and fun discussion of butt-centric sexuality. If you (or someone you care about) has a butt which you wish to explore, this is the place for you! This class covers why putting things in a butt feels good, how to do it cleanly and safely, how to pick the right tools for the job, how to get started- and where to go from there. Bring your questions and curiosity (or send your questions in ahead of time!), we’ll spend time round-tabling rather than just lecturing. Class will be tailored to attendees, to help you achieve your own personal butt goals. No ass-piration too great or too small.

Sextoy 101

The world of sextoys seems to be limitless, so how do you choose? How do you know what will work for you (or your partner) or won’t? What is the difference between the various materials, shapes, sizes, bells, and whistles? Is this toy really worth the pricetag? What lube goes with what? Learn the answers to all these questions and more. This show-and-tell styled workshop will help you navigate your sextoy shopping experience, covering toys for all bodies and orientations. From the classic to the exotic, this class provides an overview of what’s available, how they differ, what provides what kind of stimulation, and key things to look for to get the most out of your purchases. Perfect for beginners and sextoy connoisseurs alike.

Lick Me I’m Delicious: Front Holes, Back Holes, and Outies

Oral sex classes are often segregated into fellatio and cunnilingus, and nearly no-one talks about rimming. That changes right now. This class will provide a humorous (and delicious) exploration of oral sex in its many forms. No assumptions are made about whose bits you lick or what bits they have. Techniques, way to incorporate oral into power dynamics and roleplay, and toys to enhance your licky lovin’. We’ll also cover how to incorporate safer-sex into oral without sacrificing sensation. Note: Please notify ahead of time if you have food or latex allergies.

Sextoy Safety: Phthalates And Beyond

In a culture where mainstream media still refers to “down there” and sex toys are viewed as comic relief more than a commodity, navigating your way through sex toy shopping can range from confusing to downright maddening. While most of us have heard the usual adages about flanged bases and remembering lube, what you’re not being told in your local sex shop might surprise you.

In an unregulated industry with no health standards, it is up to you as the consumer to know what to look out for, and where manufacturers are out to deceive you. What does it really mean when your toy says “for novelty use only”? Why do some sex toys stink, literally? What are the implications of non-monogamy and sex toy selection? We’ll cover some of the basics, and then delve into a hands-on world of sex-toy sleuthing so you can have the happiest, healthiest experiences with your toys.

Ageplay As Aftercare

Ageplay, for some, is one of the “ultimate taboos” that still remains in the kink world. It’s also one of the most common kinks to find that can manifest in a non-sexual nature. For many Littles (and Bigs for that matter) ageplay is something which doesn’t mix with sex, but makes a great precursor, partner-bonding time, dynamic reinforcer, or aftercare activity. We’ll discuss a little of what ageplay is, how it can manifest, and ways to utilise this form of roleplay and power dynamic to ease the transition from play back into the rest of our lives. Great for Littles, Bigs, Middles, and everyone in-between. Curious about ageplay? Join us as this makes a great way to incorporate ageplay in small doses to test the waters. Teddy-bears, blankies, and imaginary friends are welcome to join us too, so long as they are well behaved.

Conference Appearances:

Will Write for Dildos: How and Why Companies and Reviewers Should Work Together

Presented at: Catalyst Con West, 2013, in conjunction with Hey Epiphora, Jenna, and Krista

“Is it true that I can make $39,000 a year reviewing sex toys?” is not the way to start an email to a sex toy company. But what is? In this panel, two toy reviewers and two adult company reps converge to discuss the challenges and rewards of joining forces. If handled correctly, a partnership between reviewer and company can yield valuable results. But the process involves care, commitment, and respect on both sides. It also requires realistic expectations. (Hint: it’s not all free sex toys and overnight reviews.)

We’ll discuss how to network and communicate tactfully, set reasonable expectations, write reviews satisfactory to both parties (…that may even generate a sale or two!), and foster a working relationship that is both harmonious and mutually beneficial. We’ll also talk about the purpose, pitfalls, and rewards of affiliate programs—and how they play into the reviewing process.

Together we’ll mull over polarizing issues such as: should companies pre-screen negative reviews? Are sponsored posts a viable content option? When should readers trust a review in which the product was supplied for free? And ultimately, why established businesses should be working with “lowly” bloggers.