And then there comes a time in the life of a human rights activist turned sex educator and sex-utensil savant when it all just fits into place. Life is a weird puzzle like that really.

In June of 2014 the whip-smart Mistress Matisse took to twitter with #RightsNotRescue in the ongoing battle for sexworker rights and respect[1]. As one who is a supporter, friend, family member, ally, and lover to sexworkers I stood in solidarity as we made and donned our #RightsNotRescue message. It caught on and I decided to get creative with my post-a-day.

And now, roughly a year later, that creativity paid off in a big way.

How better to immortalise what many are immoralising than to feature my #RightsNotRescue harness in an episode of Crash Pad Series! And with two of my favourite internet friend people ever- Evie Eliot, who co-reviews with me, and Ingrid Mouth. And thus begins the Sisterhood (personhood? aardvarkdom[2] ?) of the Traveling Strap-on.

Super hot sex being made by super hot folks, all while sticking it to the anti’s. What more could you want from porn? Still don’t believe me? Fine, watch this:

So now go watch my friends fuck. Go watch my friends fuck for their right to fuck. Watch my friends fuck the patriarchy. In case you wanna try it at home- that is an Aslan Jaguar 2-strap, which I customised with enamel pens, and the BS Atelier Sport.

And remember: Pay for your porn and all of our cats will thank you for the squishyfood.

  1. If you’re a sexworker rights supporter, I strongly urge you to donate to the legal defence fund for Kamylla, a former sexworker who recently was victimised by the “8 Minutes” television programme []
  2. It’s a long story. []