Fun Factory Stronic and Crystal Delights plug on ThroeStronic review the short version:


MONTHS after receiving it them I still can’t formulate words to explain how awesome it is. I’m so sorry but it’s just that good.

Yes, I know, it’s expensive as fuck. For once, I think the cost is worth it. I’ve been writing this post for ages, and still had to break this into the “quick and dirty” version and the “ok, here’s the lowdown” version. I’ve started, and stopped, and started again, and stopped again. As soon as I’m capable of actually using real words, and not having to do impromptu loads of laundry[1], after using it, I’ll get the longer version up. I promise.

Why do I love this so much that I’m telling you to go out and get one without even saying much more about it? Well…

  • This was the first toy to ever make me squirt[2], and that means something to this g-spot stimulation hater.
  • I love it even when it’s not charged up. The weight means I get the most bang for my bang even as a hand-held dildo. I almost use it more that way than I do the way it’s intended.
  • There are three styles to choose from, so there’s pretty much something for everyone. I have both the Eins and the Zwei (aka butt-stronic) and love them both. Surprisingly, I find myself using the Eins a bit more often. I don’t own the Drei, because it’s shape is too similar to the old G-Twist which I HATED. I hear g-spot fans like it a lot though.
  • Holding a Stronic in your hands (or resting them on your chest, or belly, or wedged between your boobs) on a low setting is the single-most soothing thing ever. I swear, if anyone is going to use a sex utensil WRONG and like it better that way, it’s me. I’m ok with that.
  • My cat loves it, and almost prefers it over normal petting. Good catte.

Stronic is where it’s at. Seriously. Especially if you’re into thrusting and your arms get tired easily. Two thumbs up for lazy masturbation! Giant fucking kudos to SheVibe for putting up with me taking forever to stop blubbering and write about these amazing toys. Seriously, these folks are champs. Go find yourself something awesome and give them your money.

  1. Because sometimes oftentimes I can’t be arsed to get up and put my Throe down under me []
  2. Prior to this I’d only ever squirted twice before in my life, both were from a particular type of buttsex with Daddy []
  • I wasn’t as big of a fan as you are, but good review! I know it’s the short version, but it’s a positive review of a toy that isn’t widely liked and that’s a good thing. It’s proof that it can rock for some :-)

  • I need a guide to stronic cat petting.

  • You have the best Vines.