My second ever Bad Dragon toy, I got as a bit of an experiment. After talking with my friend Eliza about the adolescent/teen culture phenomenon that is Homestuck and the interest in anthro sextoys that are stemming from it[1], I got to wondering if any of Bad Dragon’s offerings would work as packers? Ideally for the Homestuck crowd, we’d be looking at a tentacle, but I knew that unless I could convince the Bad Dragon crew to pour a tentacle in their “female” shore strength silicone[2], that even the small tentacle would be too bulky for everyday wear. I settled on the Anthro Dragon, as the design appealed to me in general and reminded me of the Tantus VIP, which I rather enjoy.

Bad Dragon Anthro-DragonThe Anthro Dragon has a few features which I found particularly attractive- most notably that it’s one of the few toys I’ve seen that not only has a foreskin, but has a foreskin that is not fully retracted. I like this. Not that I have anything against circumcised cocks, one of my favourite penises of all time happens to be circumcised, I just have an appreciation for toys which offer up a bit of variety. I also liked how the base design provided a nice flat plane to blend up against the body, but that the balls still had some dimensionality to them. Not huge dangly balls, but not weird partial balls either. Nice balls[3].

Anthro Dragon is also probably the best introductory toy to anthro toys, for someone who is curious but not sure they’re ready to go full-on animal lifecast or fantasy gryffin dick. It’s firmly in the more humanoid realm, with a slight bit of anthropromorphication by way of shallow horizontal ribbing, which makes me think a bit of the tummy of the dragon in Pete’s Dragon.

I got my Anthro Dragon in Bad Dragon’s #3 or “soft” silicone. Side by side with my VIP Supersoft, the Anthro Dragon is just slightly squishier. Not by much though. Unfortunately, the soft silicone is still too firm to really work for an everyday wear packer. It definitely gives you the look of a poorly concealed erection. Not quite trouser snake, since I got the small size this time ’round, but still a bit of a chub. For a pack-n-play at a sex-positive event or play party though? This might work.

Bad Dragon Anthro-DragonAs a non-packing dildo though? I really rather like it. It’s a demure cock, with about 6″ of usable length if you really bottom-out on it, and just over 1.5″ diameter through the shaft (Bad Dragon says 1.75″ but my measure has it lesser, which I’m rather OK with really). The swell of the head gives me a bit of a stretch on insertion/removal, and creates a gliding sensation of fullness with thrusting. It’s a great toy for a laid-back jerk-off session where I don’t wanna assault my cunt. Kinda like the difference between “making love” and “fucking” or “banging”. My cunt can’t quite take the size or vigor my ass tends to enjoy, at least not with toys.

The texture on this is so subtle that you don’t really notice it at all, at least I don’t. It really does feel very similar to my Tantus Supersoft VIP, and that’s not a bad thing. When I want the sensation of something in my cunt and nothing to distract from the feeling of thrusting? I reach for the VIP. Anthro Dragon is easier to grip though, with a more substantial base and those nice balls.

Antrho Dragon is also one of the few Bad Dragon toys that will be easily harness-able. Where a lot of their toys have very large bulky bases, or long un-flanged bases, this one is almost ideal for those who want a harness toy with balls. Even the largest size should still clock in at a shaft diameter which can be accommodated by most harnesses.

Overall, I’m rather pleased with my Anthro Dragon, even if it doesn’t bring my anthro-packer tentabulge dreams to life. I enjoy it’s modest size and demure texture more than I initially expected I would. It’s the lazy-river of dildos.

  1. Particularly tentacles, as many of the characters apparently have tentacle-like appendages for reproductive organs, and also gender-expression stuff as a large contingent of the characters and fanbase are genderqueer in some sense or another []
  2. Something they are really REALLY loathe to do for anything other than their masturbation sleeves []
  3. For reasons I cannot explain, I can’t read “nice balls” and have it not be in the voice of Worf a la “Good tea. Nice house” []