I have spent many years looking for the perfect butt-plugs and accumulated quite the collection. Of all the various toys I’ve had in my bum, one set of plugs in particular stands out from all the rest as my favourite. Perfect? Not quite, but damn near close. Easy to insert, comfortable to wear, available in an almost endlessly customisable set of sizes, lengths, and decorations, the folk behind Crystal Delights have lived up to their name. Their plugs really are a delight to wear. I’ll be hard pressed to go back to using any other plugs after these, they have completely spoiled my butt[1]!

Butt plugs!Let me back up a bit here and give you a bit of personal background. While I have known that I enjoy ass-play for some time now, it has been a tricky thing for me for the entirety of that time. I have a history of sexual assault which plagues me with fear of flashbacks and freakouts in the middle of the action. I’ve had more physically painful anal experiences than not (for a number of reasons). I’m prone to perineal tearing from vaginal sex. I have body issues. I have health issues which effect my digestive system. All of these things combine together to make me scared to engage in the type of play that I want, much of the time. I’ve been seeing Daddy for going on three years now, and a recent date marked only the third time that we’ve had anal sex. Not for a lack of desire on either of our parts, really. Mostly I decline.

As a result of my situation, I’ve spent a lot of money over the years searching for the perfect buttplug- something I could wear during vaginal sex, and which could sate my anal appetite without triggering other issues. I have a drawer full of buttplugs now, most of which see very little use. Some have been re-purposed for front vaginal wall stimulation[2]. What relegates a plug to an eternity in toy-drawer purgatory? Two things: how pokey is it to my insides, and how well does the base work for me.

Crystal Delights Glass PlugsLet’s address the latter first, as it’s really my big buttplug pet peeve. Remember how I mentioned that I’m prone to perineal tearing? Well, I’m convinced that I either have the least elastic perineum on the vaginal side, or that I have an exceptionally short perineum. Given that I want to wear my plug during vaginal sex, I often run into an issue where the bases on toys get in the way. This is particularly annoying with silicone bases as their edges can be a little on the sharp side, and silicone tends to catch and drag against skin. Not comfortable for anyone involved. Sometimes plugs have oblong bases which can be turned sideways so as to not block my cunt, but then they press into my butt-cheeks in a really awkward and pinchy way. Overall, just not an ideal situation. I often hear folk musing that the bases on Crystal Delights plugs look large. I can assure you that they are quite comfortable and that while some Crystal Delights bases can obscure front entry to some degree at certain angles, the small plugs almost never do. On the larger plugs I do have more of the base overlapping beyond my perineum. However, since the glass is smooth and warms with my body heat, things slide over it much more comfortably- especially when lube is involved. My perfect base? Not quite, but pretty darn close. For long-term wear and sleeping while wearing? Definitely the best and most comfortable choice.

Poking my insides. This is the other issue I have with many plugs. A lot of plugs are the right shape but the wrong size, namely they are too long. Others are the right length and shape, but are too curved. The Njoy plugs, as much as I would love to love them anally, just don’t fit my body well. The angle I have to turn the plug to for it to be comfortable means that the base presses up into my vaginal entry in a rather uncomfortable way. Wearing them during sex is right out. Thankfully, I’ve found other uses for them[3]. Many plugs have a rather pointed tip to ease entry, which is especially important with materials like silicone which tend to have more drag to them, even with lube. The frictionless nature of glass makes the Crystal Delights plugs the absolute easiest plugs to insert that I’ve ever had, and they aren’t pointy at all. I could insert, remove, and re-insert these plugs all day long (oh wait, I have…) and be rather happy (I was).

Crystal Delights Glass PlugsThe really amazing thing with Crystal Delights is, as I mentioned, their plugs are so totally customisable. There are two standard lengths: short which are around 3-3.5″ in length, and long which are around 4-4.5″ in length. Then, there are THREE standard bulb sizes. Most plugs on the site are the small size, which is right around 1-1.25″ in diameter, but they now make medium (1.5″) or large (1.8-2″). Past that you can special-request a more tapered bulb or a more pronounced neck-to-stem differential. You can select what colour of Swarovski crystal or vintage medallion to have embedded in the end. You can even get coloured glass plugs which benefit cancer research, or ones with tails attached!

I have three Crystal Delights plugs so far, and I love them all. My first was one of their standard-issue small plugs with an Aurora Borealis crystal in the end. This is my go-to plug for most plug related needs. It’s small enough that it’s not a challenge, but has enough of a presence to be enjoyable. It makes a great precursor to other anal activities later, and is quite comfortable to sit on provided the chair isn’t too hard. My second is one of their long plugs, which has a magnetic end rather than a crystal, to allow for a fur bunny tail to be added. I’ll give this one it’s very own review soon, but I find this size is more suited to being just a playtime plug, or a walking around the house plug for me. It is very similar to my small plug, but the longer length makes it not ideal for sitting.

Crystal Delights Glass PlugsMy third plug is one of their short plugs with the large bulb, and a Glacier Blue Aqua crystal[4]. Easily a 2″ diameter, when I first used this plug (in preparation for a date no less) I began to worry if this was going to be a case of my eyes being bigger than my ass. It took a few partial insertions to warm my body up, but it went in smoothly and was glorious once there. My biggest challenge with this plug is that it has a rather steep neck-to-bulb ratio on the stem side. My internal sphincter can be a little tetchy with such things, and gave a bit of protest at first, but with a few insertions and removals, and a little extra lube, I was surprised to find that later on the plug slid out comfortably with nary a twinge. I’d probably request a more gentle taper if I get another large plug though, just so that I have some variety.

That aforementioned date by the way? AMAZING. I was scared as could be because planning a date specifically for ass-play had me in a tizzy over what I would do if I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have any problems though, and now all I can think about is when we can do it again, when I can show off my pretty Crystal Delights plugs again, and what to challenge myself with next now that the large plug is comfortable. I am anxious to try more Crystal Delights glass toys, perhaps something with more texture next? Maybe, just maybe, they’ll make something in black (oh look, they did!), or which glows in the dark, or with bats in it? I can dream, can’t I?

  1. One of the biggest bonuses of glass? You can use whatever the fuck lube you like. I’ve long been a silicone lube and/or cream lube devotee, and with glass there’s no like-dissolves-like issue to worry about. []
  2. As long as a toy can be disinfected, it’s totally fine to have crossover toys. Buttplugs, especially stout silicone ones, make great dildo substitutions for wear inside dildo harnesses []
  3. These are genius for front vaginal wall stimulation. Just amazing. I forget how I discovered this, but man am I glad that I did! []
  4. A special request colour, but oh my goodness it’s gorgeous. Photos do not do it justice at all []
  • Andy Ruffledsheets

    I have two Crystal Delights toys and I love them both.

    This post makes me want to try a bigger one, though. I have a frosted dildo and a small plug. I really like the look of the large one in your photo.

    I enjoy wearing mine for long periods. I just have to remember not to sit down too fast on chairs made from hard materials. The clang might be embarrassing…!

    • The large is my favourite ever. The size, shape, and weight of it is just about perfect. The size differential from the bulb to the neck is pretty quick, so it took a few insert-and-remove reps to get to a comfortable removal, and even then I was a little concerned about how it’d go during my date. Yeah, didn’t need to worry at all. Heh.

      • Andy Ruffledsheets

        Sounds fantastic! I shall have to make that my next one.

  • Great review! I’ve been eyeing these plugs for a while, but I’m fairly new to ass-play and want to give myself a chance to use the plug I have first.
    Also, you should know that I bought the Leoweenie soley because it had bats in it!