So yeah, NaBloPoMo daily posting failed. My brain filled itself with exhaustion and insecurity, and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to post dreck that mostly just consisted of stupid videos of people singing about dildos (actually vibrators but as we all know, people can’t get their sextoy terminology right most of the time), so I just didn’t post. Sorry ’bout that guys.

And then the big scary thing happened- my laptop got stolen. There I was- tucking into another day at work, making FaceBook events for a buttsex workshop, checking on the registration numbers for our kink/bdsm sampler workshop, and checking in a recent shipment of goodies. It was a kinda slow night but that’s ok- friends stopped in, and I had shit to get done. Then it happened, dude came in and seemed normal enough, then made off with my laptop. Right under my nose. And I didn’t even notice for a full 5-10 minutes. 911 was called, cops came, porno DVDs and a condom info pamphlet were dusted for prints, and I proceeded to go into shock and freak out.

Sad laptopMy laptop was recovered, in the end (though no longer in a state of repair of usability). Apparently the laptop thief robbed one other person that night then tried to carjack someone else. Laptops stolen from all three. Canine unit recovered the backpack he tried to stash away, but the thief broke containment and fled into the bars. Explains the dog-bite in my old computer though! I’d been trying to figure out why it looked like my laptop had been fed to a Doberman. It seems like ripping off laptops is this guy’s thing though, and that he’s pretty ballsy about it. We have prints, and video. I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time until this dude gets caught. Data recovery stuff still needs to happen, I know that my photos are still there as is an older version of my iTunes library, but my movies (many of which were obtained before certain media sharing sites were shut down by the feds) are gone as are my professional documents, homework, portfolio, and some other semi-important (to me) stuff.

So I’m setting up a new laptop, learning a new version of OSX, re-installing all my programmes, and rebuilding my life. It’s seriously scary. I’ve got an identity fraud alert set on my social security number now, and I have brand new bank accounts. Passwords are changed (which keeps resulting in my getting locked out of my own profiles in many places as I fumble to remember the new ones) and life goes on. Moral of the story? Get a laptop lock, backup your shit obsessively, and don’t get your laptop stolen.