November is NaBloPoMo or National Blog Post Month. It’s a fun (ok, fun is subjective here) parallel to NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Basically, it’s a time when those of us who like to write (or think we like to write) engage in a public act of wilful masochism, and force ourselves to slave away for your pleasure. Or something like that. In reality, it would mean a lot more posts like this one: short, not entirely well structured, and most definitely not run through my lovely editor type folk at all. Posts about my displeasure with various adult-industries companies, posts about the odd happenings when working in a sex store, posts making fun of sextoy packaging, and ranting about the lack of a Library Of Congress style cataloguing system for movies (specifically porn) are also likely to happen, if I do this.

NaBloPoMoTo blog, or not to blog, that is the question. Or rather- to blog DAILY or not to blog daily, really. Do I have that many words in me? Will it degrade to snark and stupid youtube links? Should I take this an an opportunity to learn how to video-blog, and let you watch me as I fumble around awkwardly? Will this see me buckling down and reviewing the Intensity? I dunno. Possibly. What do you think?

  • Do it!

    • Ugh, you’re just saying that to get me to post a review of the Intensity, aren’t you? Gd that thing…

      • WELL THAT WOULD BE GOOD. But I was actually just imagining silly posts about stupid shit. I always approve of those.

        • Fair. There’s still one thing left for me to grit my teeth and force myself to test with the Intensity before I can feel like I gave it a fair chance on all fronts. Not that it’ll change my opinion really.