Me and my BattyApparently there’s a thing going on right now through November where folks are supposed to blog about what they are thankful/grateful for. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a daily thing, weekly, or what. I do find interesting that I started doing this myself not long ago. Every night, before tucking myself in for sleep, I tweet what I am grateful for that night. This world is full of negatives, and I’m a world-class whinger. I love to rant and kvetch and rave, and sometimes I feel like I do too much of it. So I started doing these nightly tweets as a way to manifest some positivity, and to seed my mind with warm-fuzzies before falling asleep.

So what have I been thankful for? Here’s the full list so far, condensed down. It makes for an interesting cross-section of my life indeed. I’m grateful for…

Being good at what I do, friends who help and understand, not being so broke, conversation, having people in my life who not only tolerate my ranty-pants but take interest, kisses, our unique scents, my dear friend @3liza, doors that lock, hotdog carts, neon green dildos, lemon zinger tea, being safe and alive, Bob Ross, Law & Order, things which calm my mind, bats, having an understanding job, that I can call my mother anytime I need, seeing my own growth/change, white chocolate, fine writing implements, Redwall books, knowing I make someone proud, good conversation, fun date activities, Bob RossDaddy’s laugh, believing in myself, loving and being loved, Masterpiece Theatre, Agatha Christie, my cat, being off my feet, chocolate, near-future giant teddy snuggles, sauerkraut, pastrami, mustard, marble rye, sleep, text messages of encouragement that weren’t expected, capsaicin-menthol-salicylate pain rub, ibuprofen, KT tape, my scooter, perspective on myself, my professionalism, hot cider, the ability to learn and the access to the opportunity to do so, families who love me, and modern medicine, my cat- for keeping me accountable to life, my parents- even though they irritate me, Daddy- for graciously loving me.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I think I’ll stick with it for a while. I can’t say that it’s made a change in my dreams or anything, but I do find myself focusing more on the good things in my life. I can always use more focus on the good. Not quite sure what tonight’s list will be yet. Guess I’ll find out when it’s bedtime!