Working in a sex-store is sometimes the funniest thing on the planet. It’s not the customers, it’s the product. Bizarre packaging abounds, and the claims on the labels of these things just make me snort. There are days where the odd copy on these things are all that keep me from going stir-crazy. I laugh at it with customers. I post photos to twitter. I make awkward faces, and wonder just who thought it was a good idea.

Sexy WHAT?Take, for example, the cover image on this post. A “relaxed fit” cockring. I’ll say that again: Relaxed. Fit. Cockring. What is this, a pair of jeans? Relaxed fit isn’t exactly what I think of when I think cockrings. In fact, relaxed fit is pretty much the exact opposite of what you want, unless you’re just wearing the damn thing to look pretty- in which case what the hell are you doing wearing an elastomer cockring? Sure, someone might have an elastomer fetish, but I doubt that’s the majority of folk buying these.

The back of the packaging just gets even better. Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t just your average cockring. This cockring boasts a “sexy donut shape”. Because when I think of doughnuts, the first thing that comes to mind is sexiness. I suppose if you’re Homer Simpson

  • Come Heather

    Oh my God. Sexy donut shape. That reminds me of the joke:
    Q: who is the most popular guy at the nudist colony?
    A: the guy who can deliver two cups of coffee and a dozen donuts.