First, the fine folk at Early To Bed posted pictures of an angry monkey cockring. Then there was a rabbit, and a deer. Me being me, I had to ask if there were any bats- and there were! I had to have one. A short while later, a parcel arrived at my doorstep containing not one, but TWO bat cockrings! I may have squeaked a bit. Bats!

Of course, there’s a slight difficulty in reviewing cockrings for me, that being my lack of a flesh penis. I have lots of cocks, but none that would derive any real benefit from a cockring, or which would allow me to really provide much feedback. So I had to select a suitable stunt-dick for this one. I have a few, but I went with someone who I knew would appreciate the bat-ness as much as I do. I handed over the red bat, and gave some instruction and a quick demo of this particular ring, and sent him off to do his thing.

Bad Bat and Devil BatThe Bad Bat and Devil Bat (devil bat being the same, just in red) cockrings by Shots Toys are 100% silicone toys, save for the (removable) vibe in the bat head. I flamed one just to be sure, and yep- these are indeed silicone and not some weird “silicone blend”[1]. Huzzah! They’re semi-stretchy, so they do have a bit of a range of size to them, and can be used as a penis ring (in front of the testicles) or a proper cockring (behind the testicles), depending on how you like to wear your ring, and your penis size. It’s a fairly narrow ring as well, similar to the o-rings used in traditional strap-on harnesses, rather than the broader style of many other rings. This makes the sensation of constriction more intense in many cases, I have found. Putting the bats onto a penis can be a bit trickly, what with the wings and tail and head. They like to get a bit twisted up, even if you use the wings as handles to stretch the ring. Definitely takes a bit of fidgeting with to get it on aligned properly, and with no twists.

The vibe is removable, as I said earlier, which is really kinda nice. It also has a battery access door, so you can replace the batteries. It’s not a super powerful bullet though, it’s akin to most disposable vibrating cockrings, and is powered by the little watch batteries. The bat head is more pronounced, which is nice, and allows for more likelihood of clitoral contact (if the partner has a clitoris, of course). Placed upside-down, the bat head can gently buzz the perineum and testicles which is kinda nice as well. Since the vibe is a small watch-battery powered deal, it’s more of a gentle hum than a full-strength vibrator, and is likely not enough to get someone off when used against a clitoris. For me, the vibe in this is almost not worth mentioning- I need something deep, rumbly, and powerful. I know that there are those out there who do prefer something softer, or whose kink is teasing and orgasm denial who might find this ideal.

My chosen stunt-dick for this turns out to be slightly above average in girth and, despite the larger-than-many internal diameter of the ring, this ring was a bit small for him. He found that the ring was uncomfortably constrictive after a short period of time. Discomfort is generally not what one is going for with a cockring, and while they are designed to restrict the bloodflow back out of the penis he felt as if the overall bloodflow was being cut off too much. Perhaps if the ring were a bit broader, it might have been a better fit. He loved the bat aspect of it though, as I knew he would. His partner felt much the same as I do about the vibe- she is very clitorally oriented when it comes to her orgasms (as am I) and she found the sensation to be “interesting”, but not enough to get her doing the batty-bat. I dunno about you, but “interesting” is rarely a compliment, at times like these.

So the Bad Bat is cute and whimsical, and if you have used disposable vibrating rings before and liked those then it certainly might be worth a go if you’re like me and are drawn to all things batty. Just be mindful of your girth- if you’re average or a little under you’ll probably be fine, if you’re on the girthier side I’d be a little cautious unless you know you like a strong constriction.

Super huge thanks to the wicked-awesome folk at Early To Bed for sending these to me. Gotta love when folk enable my obsession with all things bat!


  1. Protip: there is no such thing as a “silicone blend”. It’s either silicone, or it’s not. []
  • Adriana

    These are effin’ adorable.